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Dustless Blasting from Blast Off Protects All Surfaces

Our new dustless blasting services help clean all the surfaces in the Denver, CO area. Blast Off is ready to remove graffiti, grime, calcium, dirt, and more with our new eco-friendly cleaning tools. This dustless blasting system utilizes water and abrasives together to powerfully and quickly remove dirt in all forms. The muscle of this system makes it more valuable than basic power washing because it works quicker. The combination of power washing and sandblasting combined with an adjustable pressure scale make dustless blasting the most powerful tool for keeping our local homes and businesses clean. All surfaces are safe from the use of this new method.

Dustless blasting is also safe for the environment. Since it doesn’t use dangerous chemicals like acid or other cleaners, it is safe to use on any surface without damaging the brick, concrete, wood, or metal you are cleaning. And because the water helps trap the debris and abrasive, you won’t have a plume of dust around you and the cleaning area, allowing other people to complete work in the same area and moving the job along twice as fast.

worker in protective gear sandblasting paint off of metal

Dustless Blast Works on All Surfaces

Whether you are working on masonry, stone, brick, concrete, metal, wood, or more, you can count on the clean surfaces once you decide to use dustless blasting from Blast Off. Our services will bring new life to any surface and has been tested on old homes plagued by time, dirt, algae, or old paint that needs removed because of chipping or desire for new color. Dustless blasting cuts through like butter and gets the job done in half the time getting your prepared to add that fresh coat of paint or restore your homes natural brick look.

Blast Off Cleans Denver, CO by OSHA Standards

Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the governing body who decides what conditions need to be met for workers to use products and equipment on site safely and dustless blasting meets all requirements. It is a safe new way to complete cleaning tasks throughout the city on walls, sidewalks, decks, cars, and more. It also requires minimal cleanup and it is eco-friendly.

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