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Sandblasting Services for All of Denver

Operating a sandblaster should be left to the professionals. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist, so you don’t have to put yourself in danger when a project requires you to blast off paint, finish, or stains. Our skills and experience allow us to determine whether your surface is suitable for sandblasting. Not knowing the ins and outs of this process could cause further damage to your home, vehicle, boat, or concrete.

Specialty Sandblasting Services from the Brothers at Blast Off

When the Williams brother started Blast Off, they did it with the intent to clean up Denver because they loved the city so much. Sandblasting became a specialty of theirs because it can offer so much more than cleaning your walls and pavement. Issues with rust, paint, oil, and other finishes are no problem for this cleaning tactic.

Sandblasting is the best service for:

Wood Restoration
Automotive Restoration
Stripe Removal

Graffiti Removal
Heavy Equipment
Surface Cleaning

man wearing protective gear while sand blasting metal material

Benefits of Blast Off’s Sandblasting Services

As experienced professionals, you can rest assured that we will work cautiously, professionally and efficiently to avoid damage or other accident.

Here are some of the other benefits of working with our highly trained team:

Dedication to quality
Satisfaction guarantee

Wide variety of services

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