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Power Washing Services VS Pressure Washing Services

Blast Off in Denver is helping keep the community clean by offering professional pressure and power washing services. But what is the difference? Most people consider them the same service, but there is one significant difference between the two services. Heat. Power washing uses water that has been brought up a heated temperature to help deep clean harder to remove and contaminated on our property.

Power washing offers a deeper clean that helps remove these contaminants from coming back by burning with the hot water combined with the high pressure that you receive from traditional pressure washing. These tools are highly dangerous to the average do-it-yourself problem solver so trust the professionals at Blast Off to assist with using pressure washing services to get your business and home clean today!

power washing concrete next to curb

Pressure Washing Services Offered for Denver, CO

We are proud of our employees and their hard work, and we ensure all of our resources are available and qualified to perform the job right from the beginning. Quality and safety is the number one priority for our company.

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